My interest for jewellery came up when I was working on a series of prints made from copper plate cut outs that were etched, inked and arrenged in the press bed so as to produce one-offs. (Print Award at Panorama da Arte Atual Brasileira - Museum of Modern Art - São Paulo, 1990). These copper plate cut outs held a life of their own and stood as small objects, hence the idea of making wearable pieces in silver, copper, gold and precious or semi precious gems. I was fortunate to meet a goldsmith at the time and since then we have been partners. I concieve all shapes, finishes and choose new materials and he provides technical support and points out possibilities in the making of new pieces. Works developed in sculpture and printmaking find parallel production in fertile grounds of jewellery design. Pieces can be found in Museum Stores such as MAM - São Paulo, Instituto Moreira Salles - São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and design shops Galpão de Design - São Paulo, Zona D - São Paulo, Espaço Escultural - São Paulo.